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How To Manage Life Before And After Divorce

How To Protect Yourself From Divorce

On learning that divorce is imminent, or even if it springs up as a surprise, there is always something one could have done better, had one known - or so, one tends to think in retrospect.

However, this needn't be your story: you can take some precautionary measures to protect yourself, your kids and your economical status should the ugly 'D' word surface in your life. Take a look how:

As far as bank accounts are concerned, you need to take an active interest in maintaining them jointly so you are always atop any glitches or unaccountable spending should it affect your financial interests after divorce; this is especially important in the circumstance that the divorce proceedings are not carried out amicably. Much of the way one decides on handling oneself during a divorce comes through well-intentioned or even ill-given advice of those around, including family and friends but only you can know for certain what you need to survive and how you plan to do it; so you may want to work it out on your own or go along with your spouse with certain suggestions he/she makes regarding working on financial arrangements till the divorce comes through. This makes it easier for things working out without arguing and with least tension.

Consult with a reliable and experienced divorce lawyer so you have the necessary advice on claiming all you need to in order to secure your future (and perhaps that of your kids) as well as learn about how to protect assets you owned, before marriage, including property you owned before marriage or after it (jointly bought with spouse or even by yourself). Keep all related documents in a safe and ready to be presented in court when the need arises; get your
valuables out of the married home into a place of your own so you have a better chance of holding on to them after divorce.

Above all, avoid rushing into marriage and opt for a long engagement period so get to know the person on every level to realize if the potential life partner is someone you can well and truly trust to go the whole nine yards; after all, what better than avoiding divorce all together?

How To Get Most Out Of Your Timeshares

Sell A Timeshare: Sales Tactics For The Individual

In today’s economy, we often think of timeshares as being handled by corporations that have bought out entire hotels to be sold as timeshares, this is not always the case. Sometimes the seller may be an individual who has a home in a resort area that he has broken into “parcels” of a sort and sells to other individuals.

When you are the timeshare seller looking to sell parts of your vacation home as timeshares, you have to be sure to know the type of people with whom you are dealing. Selling a timeshare is not as risky as renting out your vacation home for a few weeks a year because people who own a portion of a property are going to take care of it as their own. On the other hand, someone who is only going to be there a few weeks and may never return is not going to think a great deal about it. That does not mean everyone who rents a house for vacation does that, but it is just less common when one buys into a timeshare.

For you, the seller, you must form a rapport with the buyer if you are going to sell parts of your property as a timeshare. In order to do that, you must understand individual needs and know how to conduct business in a professional way. You want to be able to give your buyer confidence that he is getting a fair price and make sure he knows what he is getting for that rice.

One of the most important things you need to stress to your buyer is how many weeks are allowed for what he is buying and if there are certain weeks that he is allotted. This is important for the buyer to know because if you are selling a timeshare that only has the last two weeks in August left, and your buyer is required to take his vacation in June or July, he is not going to be interested. In fact, he will be highly upset if he buys into your timeshare and finds he cannot take vacation in the weeks that are open on the timeshare. Be up front with your buyer and do not assume that everyone can choose when they take their vacation.

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